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To work effectively in overseas markets websites need accurate translation and localisation. Not just the on-page content, but the off-page content as well. Leave it all to Brightlines.

Website translation and localisation

With less than a third of web users speaking English, the importance of accurate website translation, for any global business, is clear.

“80% of Europeans will only buy from a website presented in their own native language”. European Commission

A website’s very public, first-contact nature means high quality translation is absolutely vital, but there can be technical challenges to overcome too…

As an experienced provider of multilingual website translation and localisation, by applying translation, transcreation and localisation we’ll ensure the right marketing messages get through. Your website will be well received across your international markets.

Of course, the importance of search engine optimisation or ‘SEO’ – in any country – also needs to be taken into account. Just like the original version, your website translations must sustain the focus on the right key phrases for each page – if you need local key phrase research we’ll do it for you.

SERP page titles, meta descriptions, H1 headings, body copy, anchor text, image file names and alt tags, all the factors affecting searchability, however many languages, if you want us to attend to them all, then we will.

Website translation made easy

Many CMS (content management systems) require text to be copied and translations to be pasted, it’s time consuming. Some have a translation back end, but the tools can be crude. Others export texts, in a variety of file formats, and reimport translation in the right place, much more useful.

We’re well practised in all approaches. What’s more, we can also help remove the tedium of coordinating multiple web designers, developers and IT specialists. We’ll make it a thing of the past.

And to make the process much, much easier, Brightlines Translation is an innovator in the use of translation proxy servers, a simple solution for multilingual website translation. As a virtual front-end for your website a proxy applies local language translation when it’s needed. It uses technology to support human translation. It’s straightforward, quick and cost effective too.

At Brightlines we don’t just translate lots of great websites, we handle all kinds of on-line marketing projects, from blogs to landing pages, banner ads to email campaigns.


For world wide website and app translation

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about our website translation services, or any of the other translation services we offer, please get in touch today.

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