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Yoruba translation

An official language of Nigeria, Yoruba is spoken by approximately 20 million people in Nigeria and, to a lesser extent, in Benin.

The Yoruba language

While the language is primarily spoken in Nigeria and Benin, smaller Yoruba speaking populations exist in various parts of Europe, America and Africa. Part of the Niger-Congo language family, Yoruba consists of a variety of different dialects, which are all mutually intelligible.

As Yoruba is a tonal language, where words mean a different thing depending on the tone in which they are said, English speakers tend to find it a particularly difficult language to master. Previously written in an Arabic-based alphabet, Yoruba now uses a Latin-based script.

The Yoruba language is taught in school systems and universities in Nigeria, and it is used in a wide variety of media, including television, radio and newspapers.

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