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Urdu translation

Spoken by an estimated 100 million people worldwide, Urdu is an official language of Pakistan, together with English.

The Urdu language

Also spoken in many other countries including Bangladesh, Nepal and India, Urdu speakers are generally found in places that have big Muslim communities. Like many other languages, Urdu has been influenced by the English language and has a variety of English words. Urdu can be a challenge for English speakers, with some complex grammar and the fact that it is read from right to left, instead of left to right, like English. Urdu is also one of the official languages of India and is widely spoken throughout Southern Asia.

Many words in the Urdu language are used to show respect. Interestingly, in Urdu-speaking society, what we would see as ‘small’ issues are considered to be bad mannered, such as sitting with your legs crossed.

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