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Technical translation

For the scientific, engineering and manufacturing industries

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Our technical translation services

Femtoseconds. Yoctometres. Plancks. The language of science, engineering and manufacturing is the language of absolute precision.

In translation, technical documents demand impeccable accuracy. Without an understanding of the subject matter, even skilled linguists disappear up proverbial creeks.

Language and knowledge. Find both in one partner.

Most technical fields already have their own language. Trying to penetrate the jargon can be almost impossible, even for a native speaker. So we don’t even try.

We find our linguists on the inside. Trained and highly qualified translators, they also have experience working in a broad range of different industries. Amongst our talent pool we have engineers, scientists, city traders and more. They know their particular subject matters as natives. For you, that means getting the translation you need at the first time of asking with faster turnaround times.

Find the perfect style

Within the field of technical translation projects, you can find a full range of styles. Instructions make it all feel simple. They transform complicated content into step-by-step directions, all written with customer appeal in a chosen target language.

Technical manuals don’t need to be so friendly. Written for professionals, they exude only precision and clarity. From familiar to formal, our linguists are able to capture the perfect style for every different project.

Our efficiency is in-built

Just like any technical project, our jobs are tightly monitored and controlled. We use translation workflows to manage projects fluidly from brief to delivery. ISO 9001 certified, those systems also guarantee security and efficiency. If we were a machine, we’d be well oiled.

Every kind of technical translation service

From user manuals that sound clear and eager to help, to technical documents, drawings and reports that read sharp and precise. We can help with every kind of technical translation, including:

  • Brochures
  • Feasibility studies
  • Health and safety documents
  • Internal communications
  • Manufacturing and engineering articles
  • Communications for Marketing
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Multilingual SEM
  • Patents and patent applications
  • Product labelling, packaging and catalogues
  • Specifications for Products
  • Regulatory documentation
  • Service, maintenance and policy manuals
  • Website surveys
  • Software strings
  • Technical reports
  • Textbooks
  • Materials used for Training
  • User and operating instructions
  • Website translation

Why do clients trust Brightlines for their technical translations services?

1. We deliver quality. We deliver it quick.

Our first priority will always be on delivering high-quality technical translation. That doesn’t stop us working fast. Your time is precious, and we don’t waste it.

2. Our technical knowledge

We are as familiar with the subjects as we are with languages. Science, manufacturing, and engineering. Our translators know your stuff.

3. We can be trusted

Our translators are vetted and signed up to NDAs. Our workflows are secured. Our servers are ISO 27001 certified.

4. We’re not beginners

Brightlines has been delivering successful technical translation since 1999 from our offices in London and Corsham in Wiltshire.

Good technical translation service providers have in-depth industry knowledge as well as familiarity of specialised technical jargon and thorough background of both the target and source languages.

Rotork. Helping a global giant talk to the world.

Rotork is the leading actuator manufacturer and flow control company. Put simply, wherever in the world the flow of liquids or gases needs to be controlled, they’ll be there.

Rotork have a vast and complex product range including electric, fluid power and process control actuators, gearboxes, instrumentation and pneumatics. They needed help turning a mountain of manuals and marketing materials into clear content for a global audience.

Brightlines assembled a global team of translators, all with knowledge of the industry. Their work spanned everything from websites and brochures to installation guides. Different audiences needed to be catered for. Different countries reached.

The Brightlines team helped Rotork communicate with markets from the Far East and Nordic areas to Western Europe. As well as a pinpoint professional technical translation service, our solution extended to multilingual typesetting and artwork services to make printing and production more efficient.

If you’d like help sharing technical knowledge with a global audience, get in touch with our team or get a quote.


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