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Slovenian translation

One of the official languages of the European Union, Slovenian is spoken by approximately 5 million people, the majority of which live in Slovenia.

The Slovenian language

A member of the Slavic language family, Slovenian, also known as Slovene, is written in the Latin alphabet. Like all Slavic languages, Slovenian evolved from the Proto-Slavic group of languages. Some linguists believe Slovenian to be the most diverse Slavic language, as it has a wide range of different dialects. In more formal situations, the standard Slovenian language is used. The amount that each dialect can be understood by those who speak another dialect of Slovenian, varies. However, most Slovenian speakers will be able to easily understand those who speak another dialect of their language.

Due to the cultural nuances and complexities that are present in every language, Brightlines only uses Slovenian translation specialists who have used Slovenian since birth.

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