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Our translation sectors

For all the sectors we work in Brightlines brings a unique combination of linguistic expertise, knowledge and know how. We specialise in some of the most technically demanding market sectors, but are experienced in many more. We can help.

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Media & Entertainment - Brightlines

Publishing and Media

That little wizard Harry Potter really does get around. Since starting out at Hogwarts his books have been read in more than seventy languages including Azerbaijani and Welsh. He demonstrates

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Vlogging, unboxing and cat videos. The internet has given us a million ways to waste time, but it’s also presented us with an incredible gift. Thanks to the pervasiveness of

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Other - Brightlines

Other Sectors

Like every professional translation agency we have our sector specialisms. However, Brightlines spans a wealth of other different industries and niche markets too.

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Marketing Translation - Brightlines


Our creative marketing translation services make sure your advertising and marketing copy has its desired emotional impact, cross-culturally.

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Travel & Tourism - Brightlines

Travel & Tourism

Brightlines offers a world-class travel and tourism translation service. One with travel sector experience, a flair for marketing communication and in-depth knowledge of digital and print production processes.

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Media & Entertainment - Brightlines

Media & entertainment

Global media & entertainment businesses demand consistency in brand communications, identity and tone. Media and entertainment brands from around the world turn to Brightlines Translation.

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Healthcare - Brightlines


At Brightlines Translation we understand the importance of direct experience and have considerable expertise in delivering the highest quality medical translation service.

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Financial Translation Services UK - Brightlines


Wouldn’t it be great if you found a financial translation partner who could pick up a project without needing a lengthy explanation about your business? A partner who could work

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Engineering Translation - Brightlines

Engineering & Manufacturing

For engineering and manufacturing companies precision and consistency is paramount. And it’s as true for the translation of engineering documentation and marketing literature as it is for the product.

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