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Russian translation

The most widely used of all the Slavic languages, Russian is spoken by approximately 150 million people worldwide.

The Russian language

The official language in the Russian Federation and also spoken in countries such as Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, Russian sits comfortably within the top ten most spoken languages in the world. Russian is also one of the languages that you will be required to learn if you want to go to the International Space Station, with Tim Peake having to learn to speak fluent Russian as part of his astronaut training. When it comes to studying Russian, many people find both the pronunciation and grammar a challenge. However, with only three tenses, learning Russian isn’t as hard as it first seems. When it comes brands who want to communicate with Russian speakers, it is key to only use translators who have used Russian since birth and fully understand the cultural nuances.

At Brightlines, we only use Russian translation specialists who have this intimate knowledge of the Russian language.

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