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Punjabi translation

Spoken by communities throughout India, Afghanistan, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and the UK, Punjabi has approximately 90 million speakers worldwide.

The Punjabi language

With different areas of the Punjab region containing populations that use a wide range of different Punjabi dialects, it’s important to use a Punjabi translation specialist who has used Punjabi since birth and has an in-depth understanding of the language. An Indo-Aryan language, Punjabi actually means ‘five waters’. This refers to the Indus River’s five major eastern tributaries. One of the official languages of India, Punjabi sits comfortably within the top ten most spoken languages in the world, making it an important language for international businesses. Interestingly, Punjabi is the most spoken language in Pakistan but does not have an official status there.

At Brightlines Translation, we only use Punjabi translation specialists who have used Punjabi since birth.

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