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Portuguese translation

Portugese to English & English to Portugese Translation

Spoken by around 203 million people worldwide, only a small proportion of Portuguese speakers actually live in Portugal.

The Portuguese language

A Romance language that has been heavily influenced by Arabic, Portuguese is also spoken by millions of people in Africa. Portuguese, like many other languages, has taken a wide range of ‘loanwords’ from the English language. So much so, that in 2009, three new letters (k,y and w) were added to the Portuguese alphabet because of the number of English loanwords infiltrating the language. This happened at the same time as the Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement, which created a unified spelling system for all Portuguese-speaking countries. Interestingly, there are more Portuguese speakers in Brazil than in all of the other countries where Portuguese is spoken added together.

Brightlines offers a number of professional Portuguese translation services including copywriting, voiceovers and production.

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