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Polish translation

Polish to English & English to Polish Translation

The official language of Poland, Polish is also spoken by large communities of Polish people in countries such as Germany, Canada and Argentina.

The Polish language

Polish is known as a very formal language, with words meaning ‘Sir’ and ‘Lady’ used in everyday speech. These formalities within the language, reflect the formalities within the Polish culture itself, with polite hand-kissing, for example, still regularly used throughout Poland. Spoken by around 40 million people worldwide, the Polish language is reputed to be one of the hardest languages to learn, with its difficult pronunciation and complex grammar. Written in the Latin alphabet, Polish uses 32 letters, including a group of letters that aren’t found in any other language.

At Brightlines, we understand the importance of having an in-depth knowledge of a culture and a language, which is why we only use Polish translation specialists who have used Polish since birth.

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