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Norwegian translation

Considered by some linguists to be one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn, there are around 5 million people who speak Norwegian worldwide.

The Norwegian language

Intriguingly, there is no one Norwegian language. Instead, there are a number of languages that come under this term, including ‘Book Norwegian’ and ‘New Norwegian’. ‘Book Norwegian’ and ‘New Norwegian’ are both written forms of Norwegian and any written Norwegian should specify which one is being used. There are more versions of written Norwegian but the others do not have an official status. There are also many different forms of spoken ‘Norwegian’, depending on where you live within Norway. Norwegian bears many similarities to Danish and Swedish, so much so that Norwegian speakers are able to understand the majority of what Swedish and Danish speakers say. Interestingly, Norwegian doesn’t have a word for ‘please’.

Here at Brightlines, we offer a range of translation services by Norwegian translation specialists who have used Norwegian since birth.

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