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Multilingual Voice Over Services

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Video killed the radio star. Then it went on to bigger things. Today video is the undisputed king of online content. Barriers that once made video production difficult have been stripped away. Today anyone armed with a smartphone and a decent eye is a potential Spielberg.

This explosion of video has transformed the internet. Social media was once focused on sharing photos. Now it serves up an equal measure of film. Vloggers are hard at work usurping the dominance of bloggers. Cisco anticipates that by the year 2021 a staggering 17,000 hours of video will be uploaded every second.

The only way to stand out in the face of a tsunami of video content is to create films that make a genuine connection with their audience. Video content delivered to new audiences with poor quality translation and audio production will sink without trace. Professional audio translation is fundamental to that quality. A highly professional translation partner will give your spoken word maximum impact in any chosen language.

Your voice over & video translation options

Brightlines has been helping clients translate, localise, and produce high-quality audio translations for more than twenty years. During that time we’ve handled every kind of project from animations, documentaries and feature films to e-learning course content and corporate training videos. In addition to the myriad of different projects, we also offer a range of different voice over styles to deliver the perfect match for every project.

Off-screen voice over

In this standard option, an off-screen voice guides the viewer through the film. This is the standard approach for documentaries, training videos and explainers. The absence of an on-screen speaker makes production simpler. The key here is to develop an audio translation and delivery that matches the fluency and emphasis of the original.

Lip-synching and dubbing

By far the hardest voice over technique to pull off with your dignity intact. When it goes wrong, dubbing can be dreadful, as anyone familiar with early Bruce Lee films can testify. The challenge is not only to capture the original meaning but also to time new audio so it perfectly matches the mouth movements of the film’s speaker.

UN-style voice-over

As the name suggests, this style was made popular by news reporting. It overtly avoids any attempt to lip sync. The voice of the original speaker is heard for a brief moment before the audio translation kicks in. This style is often applied when translating the words of an important speaker, such as a CEO or a politician.

How to produce a multilingual voice over

No matter what the audio translation requirement, Brightlines follow the same five-step process.

1. Briefing and team building

Upon receipt of your brief, we’ll reach out to the Brightline’s international network to build the perfect team for your requirements. We handle projects of every scale from single videos for single markets, to rolling campaigns targeting whole regions at the same time.

2. Transcription

If you no longer have an original language script, we’ll create one quickly with an exact transcription of your source content.

3. Translation & localisation

Brightlines has been delivering high-quality translations since 1999. Our business is built upon a huge network of skilled and experienced translators. No matter what the language, we deliver translations that preserve the fluency and impact of the source material. In addition to translation, the team always localise content, checking for cultural sensitivity, and fine-tuning language to deliver maximum appeal to a native listener.

4. Voiceover and production

In early recordings Darth Vader had a Bristol accent. Then somebody brilliantly suggested the voice of James Earl-Jones. It was that voice that made everyone’s favourite bad guy sound perfect. Finding the right voice for a project is critical. Tones, regional accents and delivery all need to be considered. Over the years Brightlines has built an extensive network of artist and studios. Before making that critical choice, we’ll present you with a range of high-quality voice over artists. Once you’re decided, our team will handle production and talent direction to get that perfect take.

5. Delivery of materials

The final film, complete with integrated voice over, can be delivered any way you choose. Most often that means a downloadable link or shared files on a secure server. Additional time is always factored in for tweaks and changes once you have reviewed the final output.

Why do so many companies trust Brightlines with Multilingual Voice over?

We’re fast and we’re accurate

The best content is served straight from the oven. No matter what you are up against, we can help. We can deliver accurate audio translation for multiple markets headache free.

We’re experienced and connected

We’ve been in this business for more than twenty years. Our experience, and the international network we’ve built over time, make us uniquely qualified to offer a better quality service.

We guarantee security

Every translator working on your project will be signed and commited to an NDA. Our workflows are encrypted and our management sytems are ISO accredited. When you work with Brightlines, every syllable is secure.


Voice overs that perform globally

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