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Let corks fly and bells ring. Your website has made it onto that highly coveted first page of search results. You are visible. You are visited. You are victorious. Let the competition turn green. Today English. Tomorrow the world. All you need to do is translate an obviously brilliant website into different languages, then sit back and relax as online visitors from around the world flock to your digital doorstep.

If only life were that generous. Getting your website on top in different markets is every bit the challenge it was for your original site. Whilst that prospect may fill you with dread, if you want your site to succeed in international search, you need to play ball. English is undeniably the language of business, but less than 27% of internet users speak it. There is more at stake here than fine manners. Getting language right is fundamental to selling. In research conducted by the Harvard Business Review 56.2% of consumers stated that having information in their native language was more influential in their buying decision than price.

Thinking beyond translation

Think about international SEO as a straightforward translation exercise and you will fail. Cultural nuance, localised search terms, relevant search engines. To succeed your strategy needs to consider all of these elements, and more. You need a balance of big picture thinking and intricate technical knowledge. Unless you have time and manpower to spare, you also need a highly qualified partner.

Having started in 1999, Brightlines has grown up with the internet, helping clients navigate every fresh challenge as the technology has evolved and expanded. Our wealth of experience helps our clients increase their visibility to a global audience. We work with companies and organisations of every size from start-ups to major global players including Mattel, The British Council, GSK and Hilton Worldwide.

Our multilingual SEO services can be broken down into four key areas.

Keyword research

Your website is an empty theatre without knowing the key words and phrases that will deliver an audience. It is unlikely that the search terms that worked for you in one language will replicate that success when directly translated. There are tools that can identify the most popular search terms for different countries, but beyond that it also greatly helps to understand local online peculiarities. The fact that some European countries use English for some categories. The linguistic short cuts and search jargon adapted by every connected community. The Brightlines team will help you build a complete map of the language you need to use on your site to succeed.

Website translation

Once your SEO language has been identified, the next step is weaving those into your website through translation. Across the world, Brightlines partners with thousands of highly skilled translators, with working experience of many different professional fields. When we take your brief, we’ll build a team that are skilled in the language of your intended audience, and equally skilled in the language of your business. They’ll help you create web content, or adapt content on an existing site, to make your URL extremely search friendly.


Online success in China is dominated by local players such as Alibaba. And yet a large part of that success could so easily belong to eBay. When launching in China, eBay replicated the same exact website that had proved successful in Europe and the US. Blind to the need for local adaptation they deprived Chinese consumers of features cherished within the market, like live chat and interactive graphics. eBay lost pole position to the local website Taobo, part of the Alibaba empire. Brightlines won’t let you make a similar mistake. Once translated, our team will assess the language and the design of your website to ensure the user experience is right for the intended market.

Technical Guidance

Despite what they’d like you to believe, Google isn’t topdog in every country. Before you launch, you should be absolutely clear about the lay of the land. What search engines are dominant in your intended market? Should you use a country specific domain name for your site in each market, or should you use sub-domains and sub-folders? What in-country links will have the most positive effect on your search ranking? If you’ve ever got your hands dirty with SEO, you’ll know that language is just one part of a larger puzzle. Having worked on websites for almost every country on the planet, our team can help you understand the principles needed get your site on top.

Why clients trust Brightlines with their Multilingual SEO needs?

Brightlines is trusted to handle international website and SEO requirements for a number of leading global brands. Their trust has been built over the years thanks to a number of key qualities.

The depth of our experience

We’ve been around since the internet’s earliest days and we’ve handled projects for almost every possible market. We’ve pretty much seen it all, done it all, and got the t-shirt. There is precious little left for us to learn about SEO in any language.

The quality of our work

In a world of increasingly automated translation, the foundation of our success is completely human. Over the years we have built up an extensive network of tried and tested translators. They always deliver fast, they always deliver accurate, and they never let us down.

Watertight security

Every translator working on your project will be signed and committed to an NDA. Our workflows are encrypted and our management systems are ISO accredited. When you work with Brightlines, every syllable is secure.


High ranking multilingual SEO gets your site on top

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about multilingual SEO, or any of the other translation services we offer, please do get in touch today.

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