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Marathi translation

Predominantly spoken in Maharashtra and the neighbouring states, there are approximately 72 million speakers of the Marathi language in India.

The Marathi language

With India’s largest city by population, Mumbai, located within Maharashtra, the Marathi language is a must for any brand wanting to communicate with customers in India. Classified as an Indo-Aryan language, Marathi is one of India’s official languages. Maharashtra is one of India’s most important states, both nationally and internationally, and plays a key role within the country. Marathi has a range of regional dialects, with the language’s standard form coming from the Pune-based dialect. One of the things that sets Marathi apart from other Indian languages, is that it has three grammatical genders: feminine, masculine and neuter.

Here at Brightlines, in order to ensure that you can effectively communicate with Marathi speakers, we only use Marathi translation specialists who have used Marathi since birth.

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