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Malay translation

With 40 million Malay speakers throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, Maluka, Kalimantan and Thailand, Malay is a key language for any international business.

The Malay language

Various different dialects of Malay are used throughout the countries it is spoken in, so it’s important to get advice from an experienced Malay translation specialist on which dialects would be best, depending on who you are trying to communicate your brand to. One of the most well-known languages of the Austronesian language family, Malay is utilised as a common language to encourage commerce and the sharing of information and culture across a range of different countries. Indonesian is actually a dialect of Malay, with the main differences evident in vocabulary and pronunciation.

Here at Brightlines, we only use Malay translation specialists who have used Malay since birth and have in-depth knowledge of the various different dialects. Our Malay translation services include copywriting, voiceovers and quality assurance.

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