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Machine translation services

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When content needs translating for internal use — and very quickly too — an intelligent machine translation service with human post-editing might be all you need. Brightlines can do this.

Machine translation is faster and cheaper

Machine translation (MT) is a translation service that uses machines to translate from one language to another. For clients who require very quick low-cost informational translations for internal purposes, our trained software has monitored linguistical patterns and nuances from across the globe and can provide an instant translation of your content.

For quick translations of internal documentation for information purposes, MT is a highly effective service. For market purposes, we recommend a human translation to ensure any serious translation project has the quality that international businesses demand from their consumer-facing collateral.

Post-edited machine translation (PEMT)

We also provide MT with human editing, called post-edited machine translation (PEMT). We understand that business reputations are on the line which is why we have an expert team of top-level linguists on hand and ready to perfect your translated collateral. With our experts going through the completed MT translation for post-editing, clients can ensure their multilingual communications are highly targeted for a specific market.

Brightlines works with some of the biggest companies on the globe. Since 1999, we’ve been perfecting our services to exceptional standards, ensuring your content is translated on spec and on time.


MT for when cost and speed matter the most

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about our machine translation services, or any of the other translation services we offer, please get in touch today.

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