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Macedonian translation

Macedonian, the official language of Macedonia, is spoken by 3 million people worldwide and is one of the most controversial languages in the world.

The Macedonian language

Although the majority of Macedonian speakers reside in Macedonia itself, there are also several Macedonian-speaking populations in Albania, Bulgaria and Greece. Classified as a South Slavic language, there are some academics who believe that Macedonian is not actually a language in its own right, but is actually a dialect of Bulgarian. Conversely, many academics in Macedonia believe that Bulgarian is a dialect of the Macedonian language.

Despite the disagreements between Bulgarian and Macedonian linguists, most linguists outside of the Balkans acknowledge both Bulgarian and Macedonian to be two separate languages. The controversy surrounding the Macedonian language means that it is key for businesses who want to communicate their brand to the Macedonian people, to ensure that they translate their content into Macedonian.

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