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Legal translation services

Trusted by legal professionals, law firms, and in-house compliance departments.

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Translate your legal documents

Signed in 1840, the Treaty of Waitangi is still being argued about today. A single word, translated inaccurately from English into Maori, created a crisis that lasted more than a century. Small mistakes in legal translation services can have huge consequences. Contracts, cases and negotiations can pivot on a syllable. Precision and nuance are paramount. Inaccuracy simply criminal. To make sure you are completely covered, you need more than good a linguist. You need a legal mind.

Experts in the language and letter of the law

Our legal translation teams are trusted by law firms, legal professionals, and compliance departments. They are experts in the application of UK and international law. They deliver high-quality translations infused with an understanding of legal systems in both the source and target countries. In their precision our clients find peace of mind.

Our experience covers a wide range of legal requirements including:

Legal document translation

Skilled and accurate translations that capture the details and the true meaning of the law.

Commercial contracts

Commercial contracts with nothing lost in translation. Terms and conditions with no room to wiggle.

Legal contracts

We don’t read small print. We obsess about it. The quality of our translation shines light on every detail of a legal contract. Why be bound until you’re fully clear?


Intellectual property is a hotbed of international friction. If you want to be protected, you have to be precise. Our expert knowledge keeps your ideas uncopied.

Certified translation

Basic Certified. Sworn. Apostille. Get legal documents translated certified and true.

Summary translation

We don’t take things literally. We look beyond the words of a document to extract intent and meaning.


Witness interviews, dictated documents, legal speech. Every spoken word delivered confusion free.

In addition to these services, we translate legal documents covering a broad range of circumstances, including:

  • Employment law
  • Commercial law
  • Property law
  • Intellectual property
  • Litigation
  • Banking and finance
  • Regulatory
  • Corporate law

If you have a legal translation requirement, you’ve come to the right website.

Your secrets are always safe with us

Given the sensitivity of the documents shared with us, it’s no surprise that we’re big on security. Linguists are vetted and signed up to non-disclosure agreements. Systems and servers are certified. Lips are always sealed.

Why do clients trust Brightlines for legal translation?

1. We’re fast and we’re accurate

We respect deadlines and we stick to budgets. When time is against you, we’re on your side.

2. We know the law

Our linguists proudly wear two hats. Masters of language, they’re also experts in the law’s intricate details.

3. We’re trusted

We would not succeed if we couldn’t be trusted. Staff are signed to NDAs. Workflows are secure. Servers are ISO 27001 certified.

4. We’ve been around for a while

Brightlines, based in Corsham and London, has been providing legal translation services since 1999. We’ve got the mugs and the t-shirts.


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