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Latvian translation

Spoken by around 1.5 million people, primarily based in Latvia, Latvian is known as a Baltic language.

The Latvian language

Not widely spoken outside of Latvia, Latvian has three main dialects, used in different areas of Latvia. Latvian is considered to be one of the oldest Indo-European languages that is still spoken and is closely related to Lithuanian. Latgalian and New Curonian are mutually intelligible with Latvian but there is some debate as to whether they are actually separate languages or simply variants of Latvian. During the 1990s, Latvia introduced laws to protect the Latvian language from going extinct. For businesses who wish to communicate with Latvian speakers in Latvia, translating content into Latvian is key.

At Brightlines, we only use Latvian translation specialists who have used Latvian since birth. We offer a number of Latvian translation services including consultancy, quality assurance, copywriting, voiceovers and production services.

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