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Korean translation

The official language of both North and South Korea, Korean is spoken by approximately 74 million people worldwide.

The Korean language

Although both North and South Korea speak Korean, the language does differ slightly, with variants between the two in areas such as spelling and vocabulary. Korean is also spoken in communities throughout China, Japan, Central Asia and the USA. Considered one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn, there are a variety of different dialects of Korean used throughout South Korea and North Korea. However, the different dialects are understood by all Korean speakers. Originally written using Chinese characters, Korean now uses Hangul. Despite its visual similarity to Chinese, Hangul is not in fact an ideographic system, but is a phonetic system, just like English. Interestingly, Korean has adopted European-style punctuation marks, such as commas and question marks.

Our Korean translation specialists offer a number of different translation services including copywriting, voiceovers and quality assurance.

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