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Kazakh translation

An official language of Kazakhstan, Kazakh is spoken by over 10 million people worldwide, many of whom reside in Kazakhstan itself.

The Kazakh language

Kazakh, a member of the Turkic language family, is now usually written in the Cyrillic alphabet, just like Russian. Historically, however, Kazakh was also written in both Latin and Arabic alphabets. Kazakh is also spoken in parts of Afghanistan, China, Iran, Mongolia and Uzbekistan. Interestingly, Kazakh is only spoken by around 64% of the population of Kazakhstan, whereas nearly all Kazakhs speak Russian. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan was the last of the Soviet republics to declare its independence, in December 1991. Interestingly, the Kazakh government did consider a transition plan to use the Latin alphabet instead of the Cyrillic alphabet but this has not yet happened.

Here at Brightines, we only use Kazakh translation specialists who have used Kazakh since birth.

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