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Japanese translation

Japanese is spoken by approximately 127 million people worldwide, the vast majority of which reside in Japan, where it is the official language.

The Japanese language

Although around 125 million Japanese speakers live in Japan, there are also approximately 2.5 million Japanese people living elsewhere in the world. The majority of these people speak Japanese as their first language and reside in countries such as Brazil and the USA. Just like English, Japanese words do not have genders. Estimated to be the 12th most spoken language in the world because of the sheer number of people living in Japan, translating into Japanese is a key consideration for any international business. Considered to be the most complex written language in the world (it is written using 3 different alphabets), it is important to use specialist Japanese translators who have used Japanese since birth.

Brightlines works with brands such as Honda, Lexus and Yahoo, to enable them to communicate with their Japanese-speaking customers.

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