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Italian translation

Italian to English & English to Italian Translation

Are you searching for professional Italian translation services? Brightlines is here to help! All of our translation specialists are fully certified and are either native or fluent Italian speakers.  This means that we are more than ready and equipped to be of assistance.

The Italian language

Did you know that Italian is spoken by 62 million people worldwide? It’s also the third most common native language in the EU.

The most interesting fact to note, however, is that although a variety of Italian dialects have been around for hundreds of years – in the mid-nineteenth century, just under 3% of Italian residents could speak the Italian language we use today!

If that wasn’t enough trivia for you, we can add that it makes the cut for being the national language in Italy, Switzerland, Vatican City, San Marino, and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. And as the fourth most studied language in the world, it’s no wonder that there is a demand for Italian translation!

We know our stuff!

Like many Romance languages, Italian can be quite complex. For example, it has different ways of saying ‘you’, depending on how well you know a person. Not to mention, there are countless other cultural nuances and terminology that need to be considered when translating a language into Italian. 

To make sure that your content is translated correctly, whether it be for marketing publications or technical documents, why not consider using a professional translation service?

At Brightlines, we work with over 1000 expert translators who will be able to translate your messaging into Italian, using both transcreation and localisation. We make it our mission to ensure that your international audience can fully digest and relate to the content you’ve produced.

Providing you with the best certified Italian translation services

We encourage you to get to know our team of knowledgeable and reliable translators. Together, we work to provide certified Italian translation services for a variety of official documents, including:

  • Legal documents
  • Academic transcripts and certificates
  • Administrative documents,
  • Birth and marriage certificates 
  • And so much more! 

We always ensure that the translator assigned to the work is chosen on the basis of the language combination and purpose of your document. This means that you can get quality results from the best on our force. For example, a certified translation of an English contract for official purposes in Italy, will be translated by our sworn translators who are recognised by the public authorities in Italy itself. 

You may also be thrilled to discover that our work is always completed in accordance with industry standards. Due care and diligence form our core values and we take huge strides to ensure that our professional translators are well-accustomed to specific requirements surrounding the documents at hand. 

Working with Brightlines

We can proudly say that we have worked with a wide range of businesses including FIFA, L’Oreal and Nestlé. Our professional Italian translation services include:

Our Italian translators have a thorough and fluent understanding of the language, enabling them to effectively translate your message to a new audience without diminishing the quality and meaning of what you want to say. This process – otherwise known as transcreation – is an area in which we have considerable experience. 

Translate Italian to English

Looking for Italian to English translation? You’re in luck! Not only do we specialise in translating languages into Italian, but we also translate Italian to English and other languages. 

Whether you need to translate specific keywords or phrases for PPC and SEO, or have a large project you need translated from Italian to English – we can help!

Types of translation

Our many years of experience in the translation industry means that we are able to offer a range of reliable translation services for a variety of sectors.

Why not have a browse through our translation services, which includes website translation, technical translation and document translation, or take a look at the selection of industries we work in. These include engineering and manufacturing, healthcare, marketing and more!

Do you need Italian translation services?

Do you need professional Italian translation services? Please do contact Brightlines today if you have an Italian translation project in mind. We are ready, waiting, and eager to help.

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