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At Brightlines Translation we understand the importance of direct experience and have considerable expertise in delivering the highest quality medical translation service.

What are medical & healthcare translation services?

Medical and healthcare translation services is the practice of translating and interpreting a wide variety of medical information, such as marketing materials (including websites), clinical trial documents, medical monographs, research papers and codes of conduct. Medical translation agencies work with public and private medical companies, health bodies, charities, organisations and global pharmaceutical corporations.

Medicine is a global industry, with clinical trials, conferences, networking and other important events taking place across multiple countries. It is vital that medical professionals and people working within the healthcare sector are able to understand written, audio and video communications on subjects ranging from drug monographs and marketing materials to eLearning collateral and everything in between.

We are certified in providing medical translations

For global healthcare businesses producing leading-edge pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, translation accuracy is vital. At Brightlines Translation we understand the importance of direct experience and have considerable expertise in delivering the highest quality healthcare translation service.

Our translators are not only professional translators, they are also qualified in a related technical discipline and have worked in the healthcare industry; whether in medicine, pharmaceuticals, or medical technology.

We understand that medicine and healthcare are incredibly sensitive fields. Our professional medical translators follow a strict set of procedures to ensure a secure and consistently high quality service to our clients.

Careful translation

Of course, the global reach of pharmaceutical or medical device companies, coupled with the need for an array of complex product support and marketing materials means investment in translation is significant. And as with any major expenditure, value for money is key.

So Brightlines optimises its translation workflows to fit seamlessly with your administration processes, to save you time and effort, to make any kind of healthcare translation as efficient as possible – without compromising translation quality. Rest assured.

Confidentiality assured

As with any other dynamic, innovation-driven business sector, confidentiality in our healthcare work is paramount, be it translations for pharmaceutical companies or translations for medical device manufacturers.

Whatever your data security requirements Brightlines Translation will always ensure complete compliance. From team-wide NDAs to ISO accredited ISMS, covering people, processes and IT.  Trust us to keep your information secure.

We can help you with

Our certified medical translation services cover the following…

Medical translations cover a broad range of industries and specialisations. The sectors covered by the term ‘medical translation’ covers research documents, marketing materials, product information on medical devices and much more. Our expert translators have a wealth of experience within the sector and cover a large range of materials related to medicine, including:

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Clinical information
  • Clinical trial documentation
  • Consumer guides
  • Detail aids
  • Ecommerce
  • Elearning
  • Instructions for use
  • Internal communications
  • Manuals and journals
  • Multilingual SEM
  • Medical articles
  • Medical questionnaires
  • Medical transcription
  • Medical training presentations
  • Monographs
  • Packaging
  • Press releases
  • Public information campaigns
  • Registration dossiers
  • Regulatory documentation
  • Reports
  • Scientific publications
  • Social media/blogs
  • Software
  • Text books
  • Warnings
  • Websites and mobile sites
  • White papers

Brightlines turn around time

Our turnaround time depends on a number of factors.The main points to consider are:

The word count. The more words you need translating, the longer it will take.
The format. Get in touch if you’re unsure what format to send your documents in.
The subject matter. All of our translators are experts within their field, but some subjects are more complex than others and may take a little longer.
The translation services required. Translating to multiple languages will take longer than to just one.

Common time scales are:

Translation: 2000-2500 words per day
Proofreading: 4000-6000 words a day

Your quote will give an exact delivery date.

Why choose us for your healthcare translation needs?

  • Trusted by over 1000s of clients for high-quality specialist translations
  • Meticulous proofreading for consistency and accuracy
  • Subject matter specialists to handle each project separately and with efficiency
  • Quality control procedures for the highest standards in the industry
  • Strict privacy measures to protect the confidentiality of your documents and records

We value your queries and would like to hear from you. Call us on +44 (0)1225 580770 or e-mail us at [email protected] and one of our executives will be pleased to answer your query. For an estimate for our medical translation services, please complete our free quote form on our website and get an instant quote.

We have a huge amount of experience working within the field of medicine and handling sensitive medical and healthcare documents. We understand how critical confidentiality is in the case of medical documents and have ensured that our security procedures are of the highest possible standard and go above and beyond our client’s expectations. We have translators who specialise within different disciplines related to medicine and healthcare which means that they understand the nuance and detail of the topic and produce translations. On top of our accuracy and efficiency, we’re approachable, friendly and will work closely with you to identify your needs, agree on a deadline and meet both of them every time.

Healthcare translation FAQs

What are the benefits of accurate translation for medical documents?

Having medical documents properly translated could literally be a matter of life and death. Proper translation of medical and healthcare documents helps avoid error or confusion around vital information that has a real impact on people’s lives. Clients benefit from saving time and money and having genuine peace of mind if an expert medical translator does the job.

Why do medical businesses need translation services?

Medicine is a global industry that needs to be able to handle language barriers with complete precision, as even tiny inaccuracies can have potentially devastating consequences. Everything, from clinical trial protocol to instructions for medical equipment, must be translated perfectly, which is why medical businesses shouldn’t rely on automatic translation or unqualified translators.

What is it like to work with you?

Our team is both professional and approachable, so we’ll be a pleasure to deal with as well as providing you with accurate translations. We like to keep things simple: email us the documents you’d like translated and we will look them over then get back to you. Once we’ve agreed on a timeline, we’ll give you a quote and get to work.

What are certified medical translations?

Having a certified medical translation means that a document has been stamped with a further degree of authority than normal medical translations. An example of this might be if court proceedings request that medical documents are submitted as evidence. Our translation experts are able to provide certification as and when required.

How do medical translations ensure consistent growth?

Medicine is an international industry which means that global healthcare businesses need their materials to be translated into many different languages. Consistent worldwide growth can only be ensured by having everything translated at the right time, which means having a robust medical translation service at the ready.

Do you guarantee total accuracy?

We make sure all of our translations are precise, but we are well aware of the importance of making sure medical translations are completely correct every time. When it comes to health, even the most minor error in translation could have serious consequences. This is why we guarantee 100% accuracy when translating medical documents.

For robust medical translation

Brightlines has nearly two decades of experience supplying medical translations to global healthcare businesses. How can we help you?

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