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Greek translation

The official language of Greece and one of the official languages of Cyprus, Greek is spoken by around 13 million people worldwide.

The Greek language

According to some estimates, about 30% of our English vocabulary consists of words that have a Classical Greek origin, the majority of which are scientific or technical. Despite the well-used phrase, ‘It’s all Greek to me!’, Greek is actually relatively easy to learn to read, as most of the sounds are already familiar to English-speakers. Unlike most of the modern Romance languages used in Europe, Greek has three grammatical genders: feminine, masculine and neuter. Forming an independent branch of the Indo-European language family, Greek has influenced various different languages throughout the world.

Here at Brightlines, we have considerable experience in Greek translation and have worked with brands such as Canon, Ford and Getty Images to translate their content for Greek-speaking audiences. Our services include consultancy, quality assurance and copywriting.

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