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German translation

Did you know that German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the European Union? It’s also the official language of Austria and Germany and one of three official languages in Switzerland.

Discovering the German language

To give you an overview of how important German is for anyone interested in pursuing a position in international business, here are some useful stats for you to digest:

  • German is the fourth most used language, spoken by nearly 95 million native speakers and a total of 210 million speakers worldwide.
  • There are a large number of German-speaking people in Belgium, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg.
  • Interestingly, the German alphabet has one more consonant than English, which represents a double ‘s’, . 
  • Consisting of three grammatical genders (masculine, feminine and neuter) and a smattering of extra-long words, German is considered a particularly difficult language for English-speakers to learn.
  • There are also many tricky “false friends” in the German language. These words differ in meaning depending on the language. For example, a ‘gift’ in English is something that we would give to someone on their birthday, but the same word “gift” in German, means ‘poison’!

What Are German translation services, exactly?

German translation services are provided by professional translation agencies, such as Brightlines. The process is one that involves translating various types of content, such as websites and brochures, from different industries – such as finance, healthcare and marketing – so that they are understandable and appealing to the German reader. 

German translation is easier said than done, with the language being notorious for its difficulty. In order to correctly replicate your message to a German audience, you need a translator who has a profound knowledge of the language, and who can understand its nuances. 

At Brightlines, we have expert knowledge of German translation and only use professional native translation specialists. We have a great deal of expertise in many types of translation projects from the smallest 5 word slogan to a large 200,000 word website! 

Our team has the knowledge and capability to help you achieve your goal by providing the highest quality German translation. 

Providing you with the best certified german translation services

Our team of qualified German translators provides top-quality certified translations for a variety of official documents, including;

  • Academic transcripts and certificates
  • Administrative documents 
  • And so much more! 

Our work is always completed in accordance with industry standards and due care and diligence are taken to ensure that our professional translators are experienced in translating the documents at hand. In fact, we will specifically allocate a translator who is well informed on the regulations of specific legal and governmental practices to ensure that your document is correctly translated. 

Translating from English to German and German to English

One of the most common requests we receive is to translate English to Deutsch; in other words, to translate texts from English to German. We provide flawless English to German translations, and we can also translate English or German into any other language that you require. Our large pool of expert translators means that we can offer top-quality translations, no matter the language.

Working with Brightlines

We’ve proudly worked with a wide range of businesses including Canon, Ikea and Google. Over 20 years of experience in the translation industry enables us to offer a range of professional German translation services for a variety of sectors

Our professional German translation services include:

Our German translators have a thorough and fluent understanding of the language, enabling them to effectively translate your message to a new audience without losing the meaning and style of the original copy. This process – which is also known as transcreation – is an area in which we have a great deal of experience.  

Do you need German translation services?

Do you need professional German translation services? Contact Brightlines today if you have a German translation project in mind. We are here to help!

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