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Flemish translation

Flemish is very closely related to Dutch and generally regarded as the Belgium variant of the Dutch language, spoken mainly in Belgium, but also in France.

The Flemish language

Used by 6 million people, Flemish spelling and grammatical rules are almost identical to Dutch but the vocabulary is quite different. In fact, every Flemish-speaking city has its own variant of Flemish, where vocabulary and accent differs, but can still be understood by most (if not all) Dutch speakers. The majority language of Belgium, Flemish is not something international businesses wanting to communicate with the Belgian people can ignore. It can be tempting to just translate into Dutch and forget about Flemish altogether but this can alienate potential customers in Belgium who will spot the difference, especially when it comes to the vocabulary used.

Here at Brightlines, we only use Flemish translation specialists who have utilised Flemish since birth. When it comes to expanding your business into Belgium, it’s a case of Dutch just won’t do.

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