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Finnish translation

English to Finnish Translation

The official language of Finland, Finnish is spoken by approximately 6 million people worldwide.

The Finnish language

Despite Finland’s proximity to Russia, the Finnish language is not related to Russian. It’s language is also quite different to that of another neighbour; Sweden. Swedish, unlike Finnish belongs to the Indo-European group of languages whereas Finnish is a member of the Uralic group of languages, which also includes Hungarian and Estonian. Renowned as a hard language to learn, Finnish has at least 15 cases but unlike some other European languages, has no grammatical genders. The northernmost country in the EU, Finland is also one of the most sparsely-populated countries. Interestingly, there is no future tense in Finnish and no word for ‘please’.

At Brightlines, we only use Finnish translation specialists who have used Finnish since birth, which is one of the reasons our clients trust us to translate and produce their content in Finnish.

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