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Dutch translation

With around 28 million Dutch speakers living worldwide, Dutch is a language that international businesses should not choose to ignore.

The Dutch language

By translating your content into Dutch, you could be communicating your brand to the Dutch speakers in the Netherlands, Aruba, Belgium, Netherlands Antilles, Suriname, Brazil and the north east of France. The Netherlands is the most densely populated nation in Europe. And while it is well-known that the vast majority of Dutch speak English as their second language, this is no reason to risk alienating your potential customers by not translating your content into their mother tongue. Interestingly, many people think that Flemish, spoken in various parts of Belgium, is a language, but it is actually a variant of Dutch.

Our Dutch translators have worked with brands such as Land Rover, FIFA and Nestlé, to make their content accessible to the 28 million Dutch speakers worldwide.

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