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Document translation services

We help you translate documents of all kinds. Expert translation in all fields.

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Translate Your Document

You need a complicated document translated with complete accuracy. You don’t have any knowledge of the language.

You do have a looming deadline. Whatever the next step, it feels like you might be taking a giant leap of faith. It doesn’t need to feel that way.

Document translation services

Our professional document translation services team has been helping clients take the risk out of translation since 1999. Like everyone else in our business, we offer speed and accuracy. Unlike everyone else, we can also offer an in-depth understanding of even complicated professional fields.

Our translators are more than your average linguists from your average translation agency. They are lawyers, engineers, scientists as well as being language experts. They have working experience of a broad range of industries. From intricate documents for legal purposes to scientific papers and technical writing, no subject is too complex, no industry too niche. No matter how big the job, or how difficult the road ahead, put your faith in Brightlines translated text and we’ll get you through.

Any document. Any language. Any time.

We are equipped to translate all kinds of documents from all kinds of industries, including:

  • Marketing materials including brand guidelines and white papers. More than literal translations, our linguists offer transcreation, ensuring the meaning and impact of your brand and copy is preserved when given life in a new language.
  • Technical documents for science, manufacturing and engineering. Our linguists call upon their own professional experience to deliver translations sensitive to the technical language of different industries.
  • Legal translations that leave no loopholes. Our linguists are sourced from legal backgrounds to offer translations that mitigate risk, ensure compliance and keep your company protected.
  • Scientific documents. From research reports, to scientific papers to marketing materials, our multi-faceted linguists are able to get to grips with complex subject matter and translate it with precision.
  • E-learning materials. Instructional videos, presentations, e-learning materials and courseware. We have extensive experience in the translation of all kinds of e-learning materials.
  • Financial Documents. Our team works with banks, financial intuitions, insurance companies and investment managers to translate financial documents with infallible accuracy. From asset analyses to financial reports, the fiscal appreciation of our linguists ensures no detail is lost in translation.

Why do so many clients trust Brightlines for document translation services?

1. We work fast and efficiently without dropping the ball on quality

Our experienced team can be trusted to deliver the highest standards even when working with a tough timeline.

2. The depth of our professional experience

Our translators are more than dependable linguists. They are also trained high-quality professionals, each with working experience of a different industry. That nuanced appreciation is what makes our translations so impactful.

3. We can be trusted

From legal documents to financial reports, our team are trusted with incredibly sensitive information. All of them are vetted and have signed NDAs. Brightlines is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, our workflow management systems ensure security. Plus our servers are ISO 27001 certified.

Western Union – Helping a giant talk to Europe

Western Union is the biggest money transfer brand on the planet. Their success relies on making meaningful connections with consumers in markets all over the world. When it came to delivering marketing materials for a new European roll out, they needed a translation partner who could be trusted to manage a huge project for multiple markets.

Brightlines were tasked with the translation of the complete campaign, including a website, a Global Pay app, and marketing materials for every European market. The Brightlines team not only checked and proofread every syllable, they also brought the essence of the Western Union brand to life across an incredibly diverse continent. Western Union remains a loyal Brightlines customer to this day.


Document translations that are approved the world over

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