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Danish translation

Spoken by approximately 6 million people, Danish is a Germanic language and descends from Old Norse.


The official language of Denmark, Danish is is also spoken in Germany and Greenland. Interestingly, Danish speakers can also understand Swedish and Norwegian and vice versa, meaning that by learning one of these languages you will actually be understood by people who speak the other two languages, too! Although Danish has nouns split into two genders, just like French, it is unlike French in that the genders are not masculine and feminine but are known as neuter and common. Unlike English, the Danish alphabet has 29 letters, with the most recent one added in 1948. Even more intriguing, the Danish language has no word for ‘please’.

Here at Brightlines, Danish is one of the most popular language requests. Our Danish translators and proofreaders have worked with brands such as Avery Dennison, CareFusion and Microsoft.

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