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Azerbaijani translation

Spoken by around 35 million people, including residents of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani is also used in Russia, Georgia and Armenia.

The Azerbaijani language

Part of the Turkic group of languages and also known as Azeri Turkish, spoken Azerbaijani consists of a number of different dialects and is the national language of Azerbaijan. Although written in the Latin alphabet by speakers in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani is written in the Persian-Arabic alphabet in other countries, such as Iraq. Turkish and Azerbaijani speakers are usually able to communicate with relative ease, especially when they have been exposed to the other language through popular music or television shows, but both languages do vary quite significantly in parts.

Our experienced Azerbaijani translators mean that international brands can rely on us to provide professional Azerbaijani translation. We offer our clients services such as consultancy, quality assurance and copywriting.

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