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Arabic translation

Arabic to English & English to Arabic Translation

One of the official languages of the United Nations (UN), Arabic is spoken by around 300 million people worldwide.

Arabic, the world's fifth most spoken language

The official language of 22 countries, Arabic speakers mainly live in the Middle East and North Africa, in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Israel and Algeria. Written from right to left, Arabic is split into the more ‘formal’ language, known as Classical Arabic that is taught in schools (generally more of a ‘written’ language) and the Modern Standard Arabic that is widely understood throughout the Arab world. Spoken Arabic consists of many different dialects, with speakers from some parts of the world sometimes finding it difficult to understand Arabic speakers from another country. Many English words have their roots in Arabic, including cotton, sugar and lemon.

At Brightlines, our Arabic translators have worked with brands such as Stella Artois, GE and ColArt.

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