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American English translation

Spoken by around 250 million Americans, American English is very similar to British English but has its own distinct identity.


One of the most notable differences between American English and British English is the vocabulary, with words such as ‘vacation’ and ‘holiday’ or ‘sidewalks’ and ‘pavements’, being used to describe the same things. There are also subtle differences between the two in terms of grammar, and it’s these important nuances that make it essential for businesses who wish to communicate with their American audience, to translate or ‘Americanise’ their content. Although the differences between the two languages seem small, the importance of translating them should not be underestimated.

Brightlines’ American translators work with brands such as Yahoo, Microsoft and Google to ensure that they are communicating with their customers in a way that they will understand and ultimately respond to. Our services range from consultancy to copywriting and quality assurance.

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