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Albanian translation

Spoken by just over 7.5 million people, Albanian is the official language of Albania and Kosovo, which is where most of its speakers reside.

Albanian language facts and figures

Part of the Indo-European family tree but on its own unique branch, Albanian is also spoken in Italy, Serbia, Romania and Macedonia. Albanian is divided into two dialects: Tosk and Gheg and has no close ‘language relatives’. Until the start of the twentieth century, Albanian was written using various different alphabets, including Greek and is now based on the Latin alphabet. Our Albanian translation specialists work with brands such as ColArt, FIFA and Canon, who want to be able to convey their message with people living in Albania and Kosovo, or other communities living in the Balkans.

Brightlines offer a variety of different translation services for those businesses who want to interact with their Albanian-speaking customers, including production services, voiceovers and quality assurance.

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