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Our multilingual services

For global brands with a worldwide presence, or niche SMEs serving their biggest international markets, Brightlines delivers an all-in-one translation package.

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Legal translation services

Signed in 1840, the Treaty of Waitangi is still being argued about today. A single word, translated inaccurately from English into Maori, created a crisis that lasted more than a century. Small mistakes in legal translation can have huge consequences...

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Technical translation

Femtoseconds. Yoctometres. Plancks. The language of science, engineering and manufacturing is the language of absolute precision. In translation, technical documents demand impeccable accuracy. Without an understanding of the subject matter, even skilled linguists disappear up proverbial creeks...

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Translate your WordPress site

Congratulations. You’ve got a stunning WordPress site. You slaved. You laboured. You tested and perfected. More than a pretty shop window you’ve created a compelling brand experience. Now it’s time to take that experience around the world...

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Quality Assurance - Brightlines

Quality assurance services

The finishing touches. At Brightlines we also provide copyediting, proofreading and linguistic sign-off as stand-alone services – in all languages, including English.

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Production Services - Brightlines

Translation production services

Multilingual translation is one challenge, the production of the multilingual materials that follow is quite another. We attend to both. Audio, video, in-print or on-line, our production team can help...

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Multilingual DTP - Brightlines

Multilingual DTP

The translations are perfect but you still need the artwork localised and produced in multiple languages. Leave it to Brightlines. Our designers, typesetters and artworkers handle this with ease...

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Search Engine Marketing - Brightlines

Multilingual SEO services

Let corks fly and bells ring. Your website has made it onto that highly coveted first page of search results. You are visible. You are visited. You are victorious. Let the competition turn green. Today English. Tomorrow the world...

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machine translation services - Brightlines

Machine translation services

When content needs translating for internal use — and very quickly too — an intelligent machine translation service with human post-editing might be all you need...

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Document Translation Services - Brightlines

Document translation services

You need a complicated document translated with complete accuracy. You don’t have any knowledge of the language. You do have a looming deadline. Whatever the next step, it feels like you might be taking a giant leap of faith. It doesn’t need to feel that way...

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Website Translation Services - Brightlines

Website translation services

To work effectively in overseas markets websites need accurate translation and localisation. Not just the on-page content, but the off-page content as well.

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Localisation - Brightlines

Localisation services

You say tomato. We say… You know the rest. Even between countries that speak the same language, cultural differences can complicate the way to clear and meaningful communication. Navigating those barriers is critical for any marketing team dealing with multiple markets...

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Creative translation services

Transcreation services

Why are Apple fans fanatical? What makes Coke different? Why do some people feel loyalty to a can of beans? Advertising has been called the art of persuasion. Like any art, it involves ideas and a degree of subtlety. When brands enter new markets, that subtlety is often the first casualty...

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Multilingual Voice Over Services

Video killed the radio star. Then it went on to bigger things. Today video is the undisputed king of online content. Barriers that once made video production difficult have been stripped away. Today anyone armed with a smartphone and a decent eye is a potential Spielberg...

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Subtitle translation Services

Developing a content strategy without having video as part of the mix is like pitching up to a wedding without wearing your trousers. A third of all time online is spent watching video, and that number is on the rise. Video is no longer a “nice to have”...

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