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Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn

Marketing translation for one of the world’s largest hotel chains

With over 1,300 hotels situated all over the world, Holiday Inn is a truly global brand. With a name which started as a joke based on the Fred Astaire film of the same name, Holiday Inn started as a series of motels and has since become one of the world’s largest hotel chains, welcoming over 100 million guests each year. Along with its other brands owned by InterContinental Hotels Group, it has a revenue of over $1.9 billion. Known as ‘The World’s Innkeeper’, Holiday Inn has managed to maintain the same friendly approach it began with throughout its long and successful history. Holiday Inn came to Brightlines when they needed a translation agency that specialised in marketing translations for the travel industry.

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Brightlines provide EMEAR marketing translation services to Holiday Inn

Brightlines provides Holiday Inn with world-class translation and production services. Holiday Inn utilises our services to their fullest potential, since we are a full-service translation agency, able to provide both production and translation. Brightlines is trusted to ensure Holiday Inn’s corporate communications deliver the right message across EMEAR (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia). Hotels, by nature, attract customers from all over the world and are managed by those from many different countries. This means it is incredibly important that a global hotel business can speak in more than one language, and that corporate communications are precise and well informed. We use our vast knowledge of the world of business to provide the most exact translations possible. Our translators are experts on local cultures and make light work of any localisation that may be needed.

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