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Japanese financial holding group Nomura require specialised financial and data analysis translation

Founded in Japan 1925, Nomura is a firm which works alongside individuals, institutes and governments to provide investment opportunities and other profitable financial services. It manages assets of more than $266 billion and has employees all over the world. The company’s slogan, ‘Connecting Markets East & West’, shows the importance of sustaining a global reach for Nomura. As well as Japanese banking, it also operates subsidiary companies in America and Europe in addition to its healthcare, agricultural planning, security business and pension services.

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Nomura and Brightlines Translation

Brightlines provides Nomura with highly technical manufacturing and financial translations and multilingual artwork production. Projects typically include the translation of highly specialised innovative devices, progressive materials and data analysis documentation headed for the EMEA. We are enabled to do this with our range of valued staff who each have a core discipline, be it a language or an academic specialism such as finance or business. We speak every major modern language and can back up the skills with real insight thanks to the drive of our staff to research and perfect their fields.

Nomura value our proficiency with high-end financial material for strategic industrial development.

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