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The Mayfield Group needed to reach Middle Eastern investors

Mayfield is a leading real estate investor and asset management company. From offices in both Saudi Arabia and the UK, it provides Middle Eastern investors with the opportunity to develop property in the London real estate market. It conducts significant research on the trends in London housing, projecting a 2 million increase in population by 2020, making the London property market, already one of the most resilient worldwide, even more attractive.

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Mayfield and Brightlines

In addition to opening up the UK market to residential developers, Mayfield provides services to commercial developers, helping to acquire sites for new hotels, providing insurance, mortgage services, property management and legal consultancy. Its services span every element of the property market, enabling Mayfield to provide landmark structures across the UK. Some of these include Bluewater Retail Centre in Kent, several apartment blocks in the centre and West End of London, and Bayside heights, the uniquely situated mansion block of luxury apartments overlooking the Kent coast.

Brightlines provided Mayfield with high-end financial translation and production services for its brochures which were aimed at the Arabic market. For a brand which is based in both London and Riyadh, Mayfield must communicate effectively between the two hubs – we enabled them to do this by providing them with precision translation services and eye-catching production. Combining both functionality and marketing experience, any marketing collateral or internal communications material produced by Brightlines will have been created by those who have key expertise in the right area. We make sure our translators for financial matters are highly competent in both business and the target language, to ensure documents come across as well-informed. This is extremely important for us, as we are entrusted with the reputations of incredibly successful international financial companies.

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