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Multinational company Inchcape operates across 26 countries.

Inchcape is a multinational automotive retail and services company. Starting in Calcutta it has expanded globally and is now based in London, with operations in 26 countries across 5 continents. As early as 1967, Inchcape carried out a series of acquisitions in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand, doubling the company’s size. Today it is partnered with key figures in the car manufacturing industry including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Volkswagen. Inchcape is currently in the process of expanding into the world’s developing markets.

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Inchcape and Brightlines Translation

To help achieve its global communication goals, Inchcape selected Brightlines. We produced a range of corporate and consumer financial documentation, sales communications, training documentation and annual reports for distribution across EMEA. For a firm to successfully operate in 26 different countries, internal communications and sales material must be translated impeccably. At Brightlines we employ translators who are distinguished in their fields, and for Inchape we used those who are both knowledgeable in the languages required and those with marketing and financial qualifications. This dual specialisation guarantees text is accurate and expertly informed, far more than just a simple translation.

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