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"Brightlines is one of the few translation agencies in the UK with healthcare knowledge and marketing translation expertise"

Brightlines provides translation services to scientific publishing leader, Elsevier

Elsevier is a world leader in the field of scientific publishing. It periodically publishes numerous influential journals, directed at those working in health, science and technology. Among its most important products is ScienceDirect, which provides full-text articles to the scientific community.

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Elsevier also runs popular internet article databases for pioneers in the field of scientific research, referencing from almost 3,000 journal sources. Its databases aggregate papers from over 24,000 books published between 1955 to 2014. Elsevier also publishes the world’s leading independent general medical journal, The Lancet, which has several particular sub-journals covering everything from neurology to infectious diseases.

Brightlines translates key global marketing communications for Elsevier

The distinguished services of Brightlines were required for the translation, transcreation and production of language-specific advertisements, point-of-sale collateral and manuals. These key materials were translated for Chinese, French, Italian, Korean and Spanish speakers, to allow Elsevier to offer its material to the European and Asian markets.

At Brightlines we have a passion for upfront research which could change the way people live their lives for the better. Among our staff we have published scientists, medical experts and those who are experts in the field of the material they are translating. This means we can provide unparalleled quality in the fields of science and medicine, drawing on our extensive pool of knowledge to make sure the translation is suitable to be read by industry professionals, healthcare specialists and occupational scientists.

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