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Bayer and Brightlines Translation

Bayer is a German multinational company with core competencies in the areas of health, agriculture and high-tech polymers. Its innovative nature means that research is at the heart of its work, applying science to business to create a better life for people everywhere. Bayer consists of three branches: Bayer HealthCare, which invented the aspirin, Bayer CropScience, which provides innovative research developments in crop protection, and Bayer MaterialScience, which applies the science of high-tech polymers to everyday situations. Overall, Bayer is a down-to-earth organisation which has an emphasis on the practical, everyday lives of people.

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Medical translation and transcreation of marketing material for Bayer

Brightlines has a thriving working relationship with Bayer, helping them with the globalisation of its important healthcare-related marketing collateral, and the transcreation and production of key marketing and sales communications into the FIGS – French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese. In a field such as health, it is an honour for Brightlines to be trusted by a company as prestigious as Bayer to carry out precision translations.

Bayer employs over 113,000 employees all around the world. Almost half of these are based in Europe, but it also has a global influence, working widely across Latin America, the USA and Asia. It has made huge breakthroughs in the world of pharmaceuticals, not only being the first company to market aspirin but also the first company to discover vital treatments for anthrax, urinary tract infections and more besides. As well as breakthroughs in the medical industry, Bayer has also developed polycarbonate, a thermoplastic used heavily in electronics, particularly for data storage.

A company which is so heavily involved in innovative research needs to have its written material translated to very high levels of quality. That’s why Bayer came to Brightlines; we can be trusted to provide perfect transcreation services on even the most sensitive matters.

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