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Spanish translation

The official language of Spain, Spanish is spoken in a wide range of countries throughout the world including Andorra, Argentina and the United States.

The Spanish language

With approximately 330 million Spanish speakers worldwide, Spanish is one of the most studied languages. It’s also one of the most widely spoken, after Chinese and English. Some believe that by 2050, there could be around 600 million Spanish speakers. Part of the Indo-European family of languages and more specifically belonging to a branch known as the Romance languages, Spanish is a Latin-based language. Historically, it has also been influenced by Arabic and more recently, by English. Spanish is also known as Castilian, as it originally came from the Castile region of Spain.

Although it is difficult to precisely identify the most used languages on the internet, many agree that Spanish sits at number three, making it a key priority for international businesses. Speak to Brightlines if you need professional Spanish translation.

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