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"Brightlines is one of the few transcreation agencies in the UK with healthcare knowledge and marketing translation expertise"

Brightlines provides marketing translation services to natural health and beauty company, Aveda

Aveda is a multinational beauty company, offering products for hair and skin care in addition to a wide range of make-up, perfumes and hair regrowth formulas. Its exclusive spa in Covent Garden, London, provides beauty services to showcase the vast array of products on offer in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Brightlines translates global marketing communications for Aveda

Aveda required assistance creating its global marketing collateral and Brightlines was asked to carry out translation and transcreation services to create point-of-sales materials, sales training documents and product guides. Our multi-talented staff translated and produced print-ready artwork for distribution across EMEA.

To achieve global success, a brand has to be ready to reach out beyond its traditional sphere of influence to customers in new areas of the world. As a brand grows, there will be demand for not only product distribution elsewhere, but manufacturing and design. Expanding these elements to new international markets means that sales training documents and product guides must be translated to the highest standard for employees the world over.

Aveda bases its products on 5,000-year-old Indian traditions from a system called Ayurveda. In 1978 Aveda collaborated with Ayurvedic scholars, acquiring knowledge of botany, aromatherapy and medicine. Aveda used this knowledge to create plant-based products with creative blends of different roots and leaves to replicate the natural healing properties of Ayurvedic medicine.

As well as a grass-roots approach to its products, Aveda shows a genuine care for the sustainability of the environment and economy in the areas from which it sources its ingredients. Partnered with Nisarga, Aveda delivers extensive education to local farmers in the form of seminars on sustainable farming and the benefits of organic agriculture.

The importance of accurately translated text for a company with such a vital context to its products cannot be understated. Brightlines is proud to be working alongside Aveda, helping them deliver a consistent and compelling proposition to its customers across the globe.

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