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Italian translation

Only becoming the standard version of Italian that we know today in 1861, Italian is spoken by 62 million people worldwide.

The Italian language

Although a variety of Italian dialects had been around for hundreds of years, in 1861, only just under 3% of Italian residents could speak the language we now use today. For non-speakers of Italian, it can be surprising to learn that although Italian uses the Latin alphabet, like English, it actually only utilises 21 letters. Italian is much more than just the official language of classical music, and is spoken in various other countries including Switzerland, Slovenia and Malta. Italian is also the second most spoken language in Argentina. Just like many other Romance languages, Italian has different ways of saying ‘you’, depending on how well you know a person.

At Brightlines, all of our Italian translation specialists have used Italian since birth, which is one of the reasons brands such as Canon, Lexus and Microsoft, trust us with their Italian translation needs.

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