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Hootsuite: Global social media translations for the world’s number one social media management platform.
Canadian born Hootsuite is the leading social media management platform that has taken the global marketing world by storm. Its customisable dashboard allows the globe’s biggest companies to monitor all of their social media accounts from one easy-to-use, intelligent platform.

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Hootsuite’s unique tone of voice needed global projection
Hootsuite has a unique tone of voice (TOV) hard to replicate in other languages, a challenge Hootsuite had been trying to tackle head-on with language service providers that didn’t specialise in creative translation. 

Hootsuite, and its charming mascot Owly, are unique.The Hootsuite tone of voice is fresh, witty and instantly recognisable in its social media content. One look at the Hootsuite blog posts shows a conscious decision to use the written word as a powerful means of engaging with its audience. No one understands social media communication quite so well as Hootsuite!

The agencies that Hootsuite had relied on in the past were failing to capture the essence of the Hootsuite voice, providing an inconsistent brand experience across cultures.

The Hootsuite international marketing team realised they needed new blood, a translation agency that could handle the demanding Hootsuite translation output by providing translations in multiple languages that stayed fiercely true to the Hootsuite voice. 

They needed a translation agency specialised in transcreation, that could take the Hootsuite brand and make its voice global. Enter Brightlines.

The Brightlines Solution
As transcreation specialists managing the translation and global communication of international brands, Brightlines started to work closely with the Hootsuite team in Canada and Europe. Specific attention was paid to:

  1. Analysing the Hootsuite TOV documentation and writing guidelines.
  2. Learning about the end-users and tailoring the writing style specifically to them in the Hootsuite style.
  3. Development of strategies to bring existing documentation inline with the Hootsuite TOV

Our talented transcreators teamed up to become Hootsuite’s external translation and copywriting team. Our creative translators’ work surpassed Hootsuite’s expectations and a new working relationship was born.

Since October 2018, Brightlines has continuously safeguarded Hootsuite’s global TOV,  transcreating over 350,000 words across EMEA providing consistent brand experiences across all cultures.

Can the Brightlines team help you too? If you’re looking for a partner to take the pain out of translation, do get in touch.


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