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Voiceover & subtitle translation

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For voiceovers, dubbing or subtitling translation services, Brightlines provides all the services you’ll ever need. Find that perfect voice, style and tone for your next multilingual AV project.

Voice over translation services

World-leading brands require world class voice talent. Our experience in the field ensures we have access to the best native-speaking voice talent globally, allowing us to provide a number of high-quality voiceover translation services for your audiovisual projects. Offering multilingual voiceovers, dubbing and narration, voiceover messaging and character voices, we can deliver an exceptional level of quality to your audiovisual content – from podcasts to films and much more.

It can be difficult adapting to various languages and cultural nuances, which is why our experts have an in-depth understanding of a significant number of languages and dialects. By delivering a wealth of voiceover translation services, our clients can use their content to target global markets and ensure their material is aurally appealing and listenable in all segments.

Subtitle translation services

International brands need to cater to their markets in every capacity. When it comes to providing subtitles for your audiovisual material, Brightlines has a long history in providing expert translations for audiovisual content. Since 1999, the Brightlines team has been working to ensure all multilingual communications are targeted to perfection and presented immaculately across the globe.

As a result we’re in a prime position to transcribe, translate and produce subtitles for your audiovisual content that is both visually appealing and localised for any of the global markets your brand requires.

For years, our experts have been speaking different languages and delivering a multilingual voice and subtitle translation service that any international brand would be proud of. We understand the importance of correct translation and that reputations are on the line; our promise – one that we have kept since our beginnings in Wiltshire, UK – is that we are diligent, take responsibility and provide an exceptional level of service for all of your audiovisual content.


Voiceovers and subtitles that perform globally

If there’s anything you’d like to know about our voiceover or subtitle translation services, please get in touch today.

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