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International translation services for business

We're a UK based international translation agency who specialise in B2B and B2C translation services. Communicating globally for your business is our business, and we are ready to take care of any translation project you need.

Why choose Brightlines Translation Services?

The ultimate marketing translation service for international business. That’s why when multinationals including Google, Microsoft, Deloitte and Canon need a translation agency, they turn to us. They know we deliver brilliant marketing translations, with a service to match.

Choosing a translation agency can be frustrating, boring and nerve-wracking. There is a lot at stake. We get that and aim to make your decision a rewarding, interesting and enjoyable experience.

Some sound reasons to use Brightlines Translation

The price is right

We achieve what you need within the budget you have. Honest, upfront and with no hidden costs.


We know how important your global reputation is and will protect it. Our client list shouts volumes about the level of reputational risk that is placed in our hands.

Excellent reputation

We specialise in marketing translations across industry, and it is this uniquely creative marketing translation capability that has set Brightlines apart and earnt our reputation as the transcreation experts. Like many other translation agencies we also supply translation across all industries.

Super service

We know because our clients tell us we are the best translation service provider they have ever worked with.

21 year track record

Well yes it’s a given, but rest assured as Brightlines Translation has a whopping 21 year track record of excellence. Plus ISO9001:2015 of course!

Careful and communicative

We will help you every step of the way, even if you are not one of our customers already. Talk to us. Try us.

Knowledgeable translation specialists

We will offer you the best options for your project, be that the best human translators, or high volume machine translation. Artificial intelligence or subtitles. We’ve got it.

Versatile expertise

We are experts in managing complicated translation projects for global brands. If you are seeking advice on how best to proceed, do give us a call first.

Tech savvy

The translation industry is high tech, if we didn’t adapt, we would die. We are on top of the latest advances to benefit you.


Translation is our business. It is as simple as that. Speak to us and you will hear the enthusiasm and interest that we have for you and your translation project. We want to help you, in the best way we can. Get a quote now…

Which of our translation services do you need?

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Our translation services - FAQ

How much does translation cost?

The cost of your translation depends on a variety of factors including the content, the source files, the languages requested and the turnaround time required. The easiest way to get an idea of costs is to fill out our translation services quote form, giving as much information as possible. As soon as your quote request is received, we’ll put some prices together for you. If we need more information, we will contact you to make sure we are giving you the best options.

Which languages do you translate into and which are most popular?

As a leading B2B and B2C language service provider for over 20 years, we have 1000s of tried and tested top-level translators and writers worldwide ready to help you inform, educate or sell across the globe. We handle all the worlds commercial languages, including:



What do I need to get a quote for translation services?

You’ll need to send us your documents, your website URL or an estimated word count to get a cost for any of our translation services. We also need to know the languages you require, such as English to French or German to Spanish. For some languages like Chinese, we would also need to know the target market. Finally let us know your desired delivery format, i.e. InDesign, PDF, Word doc, subtitles, and so on. If you require further services such as typesetting, we will need sight of the original document for an accurate quote.

How do we start a translation project?

Once you’re happy with our costs and would like to go ahead, an assigned account manager will start your translation project. After a 50% deposit invoice has been paid, you will be asked to send the latest files for the project. It is also helpful to have reference materials such as PDFs, tone of voice, specific terminology or glossaries if available. Timescales will be discussed and confirmed. Now relax, your translation project will be underway and delivered on time and on budget with an account manager keeping you in the loop.

What is the usual turnaround time for translation projects?

This depends on numerous factors, but the mains ones are:

  • The word count.
  • The format.
  • The subject matter.
  • The translation services requested.

Common time scales are:

Translation: 2000-2500 words per day
Proofreading: 4000-6000 words a day

Your quote will give an exact delivery date.

Do you use professional translators or machine translation?

We only ever use professional translators on translation projects, unless you have specifically requested our machine translation services. Our professional translators are highly qualified, experienced and come with specialist knowledge in their subject, and all translators sit tests before they can work on any of our projects. With over 20 years as a translation services provider, we have brought together some of the most sought after translation professionals for your projects.

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