We understand at Brightlines that every single marketing brochure, app or manual must engage with audiences on a specific level, speaking their language, if it is to make a favourable impression. Being able to converse naturally with markets in other territories can provide incredible opportunities for a business.

However, when it comes to reproducing print documents or digital communications in a foreign language, translation is only the first step; the artwork and typesetting processes are what really makes your information stand out.

Multilingual artwork and typesetting in all languages 
With a solid background in print and design, the Brightlines team offers a superior and extensive multilingual production service, transforming your translated messages into attractive, engaging and persuasive content. Our professional foreign language artworkers, graphic designers and typesetters – covering scores of languages and writing scripts – are skilled in manipulating text and design to produce first-rate documents to your design specifications.

Based both in the UK and overseas, our experts work in their native language and use universal design software (usually Adobe) to express your vision perfectly and, more importantly, accurately; right down to the tiniest accent or umlaut. 

It's not surprising that some of the UK's biggest design agencies trust us to create multilingual versions of their print and/or digital projects.

A heavyweight service
Brightlines is proud to offer a seamless artwork and typesetting process which begins with the production or translation of text by our linguists. The copy is then passed to our language-proficient heavyweight artworkers and typesetters who place the wording into a layout, precisely as per your requirements.

Then, with considerable care and attention, our experts can create the perfect design for your document, ensuring that it is clear and accessible while retaining the key messages, tone and emphasis you desire. 

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Producing documents in another language is fraught with rules and restrictions, but as experts, we can allay your fears and help craft communications that resonate with those all-important foreign markets. 

Would you like further information?
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