With business becoming increasingly globalised, brands need to ensure all communications are universally accessible for their intended audience. Prominent advertising on billboards, voiceovers on videos and text in press releases all need to be correct in the eyes of its target market or companies could dent their credibility and reputation.

This remains true with internal and external documents. Mission statements, product reports and newsletters – while only sent internally – still represent your brand; an error in any of these documents can prove not only embarrassing, but costly.

Document translation
As the industry's foremost translation and technology experts, Brightlines ensures your reputation is upheld by our expert team of linguists. With a lifelong knowledge of every major language used in the world today, our trained team of translators apply a meticulous approach to their work to ensure documents are fully translated on spec and on time, to an exceptional standard.

Since 1999, we have built up a team of top-level linguists with first-hand experience of many major industries. Our team covers a wide variety of sectors but we also possess specific expertise within three major sectors: marketing and communication, life sciences and finance.

Marketing brochures, brand guidelines and white papers all fall under our remit, allowing small or large marketing businesses to confidently send documentation to offices anywhere in the world. Life science businesses that require immaculately translated and presented reports, research and journals can turn to Brightlines with confidence as our highly-trained, efficient linguists can translate even the most complex science documents. For financial firms, we can accurately translate any presentation collateral, financial reports or asset analyses to ensure all documentation can be read in any major language.

Reassurance for your brand
As experts in the field of translation, we have the right knowledge to give brands the reassurance that any documents will be perfectly translated and presented, achieving the desired effect from its target audience.

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